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Friday, December 3, 2010

Confession Friday - A Hallmark Moment

Another Friday, another confession.

This past Sunday, at the end of a hectic Thanksgiving weekend which included a whirlwind visit by my oldest daughter and her family, I enjoyed the serenity that comes after company leaves and the house is put back to order. Tranquility descends in the waning hours of the evening.  The Christmas lights of the tree and mantle cast their magical aura.   Cup of coffee in hand, I stretch out on the couch to enjoy a holiday tradition - the Hallmark Hall of Fame production for this holiday season.

If you are not familiar with the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, let me tell you that they are excellent in content, always inspiring, always well produced, and there is always a message relevant to our lives and the holiday season. These should not be confused with or compared to the Hallmark Channels TV movies, although I do enjoy them.  Let's just say those movies aren't quite the same quality and content as their counterpart, the Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Hallmark began their sponsorship and production of their movies on TV all the way back in 1951, a year before I was born.  Just as in Hallmark's cards and other items, they are quality productions and have featured stellar performances by such actors as Richard Burton, Peter Ustinov, Lawrence Olivier, Hume Cronin, Jessica Tandy.  Who can forget Glenn Close and Christopher Walken in the wonderful "Sarah Plain and Tall" trilogy? Can it really be 20 years since that first aired?

Ok, so we have this wonderful holiday movie, almost always moving in some sort or fashion.  But you want to know what really gets me?  The commercials.  And that is my confession - I heart Hallmark advertisements.  Cheesy, I know, but even the Hallmark commercials are superior to any other companies' ads.   Somehow in 30 seconds or a minute or two, they convey all those emotions we experience during this holiday season.  They tell a story, we connect to the people, we KNOW these people because they are us and our own families and friends and we relive our own "Hallmark moments".   How can an ad make you tear up over and over?  Well, theirs does. 

Don't believe me?  Just watch this then:

Could that kid be any cuter?  Need a hanky, anyone?

Now I'm not even Jewish but watching this sure makes me want to celebrate Hanukkah! Oy vey! 

Who doesn't have an uncle or grandpa like this?  Pass the Kleenex box!

There are lots more I could offer, but there is last piece of evidence.  THIS is my all time favorite Hallmark ad EVER.  It reminds me of my dad and even though we never tramped outside on Christmas Eve, we did hike every December into the woods - all of us - mom, dad, kids and dogs -freezing, cheerful, giddy with excitement, to locate and chop down the perfect Tennessee cedar tree and haul it back to the old 1947 Ford.  So it is no wonder this one gets me each and every time I see it.

What I wouldn't give to relive those moments with my dad and family!  But with Hallmark, I can! In a short 2 minute commercial, I can. And you can, too!
OK,  I have confessed once again and now you know just how crazy I am about the best, sappiest, heart-tugging, cheesiest ads ever known to man.  You can admit it, too, if you want.  I have to run....I have to go address my Christmas cards!  Because I care to send the very best......ok, admittedly, not Hallmark, just my own creation. Oh, dear another confession!  Come share a holiday confession with us in the comment section!  Merry Christmas! I hope you have lots of Hallmark moments this year!


  1. Okay...pass the hanky. Not good to cry in front of middle school students!

    If Jeffery was white, he would look just like my nephew, Nick, when he was little. LOL!

  2. Well, you already know one of mine, watching "A Child's Christmas in Wales," and still getting that magical, wonderful feeling about plunging "my hands into the snow and bring out whatever I can." As I grow older I understand so much more the way memories flood our senses, especially around the holidays, and that is what Hallmark is all about. God bless us everyone.