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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas House Tour - Conclusion

It's Monday, Dec 27th - the THIRD day of Christmas. Time to wind down the Christmas tour of my home.  I appreciate all who have visited and hope it has made you smile!  As time is so precious, I will post the pics and let you look, then send you on your way.

We ended the last  tour in the living room.  Today is the kitchen, breakfast area and my bedroom.  So here we go for the final edition of the Holiday House Tour 2010.

In the breakfast area corner, I have a baker's rack.  That is where the other elves live...some of them year round, I might add.

The angels on the candles, the little elves in front, the Christmas boot/stocking and the cardinal picture in the back are all new additions for this year.

 On the breakfast bar I have a tray of vintage Candy Cane Kids and other ceramic Santas and porcelain pieces from the 40's and 50's.  I add to this collection occasionally but it is getting increasingly harder to find these without paying an arm and a leg for them.  
 Also on the breakfast bar, there are some Santa candles mixed in with my fave Yankee Candles.

On the island in the kitchen, the rest of the Yankee Candles are on trays, as well as a gingerbread planter.

On to the stairs.....
There are snowmen in my bedroom!  Lots and lots of snowmen!  Same rules apply here, some new, some vintage, some handmade, some gifts. 
There is so much more, but since the Big Day of Christmas is over, I will refrain from posting more.  I hope you enjoyed these little glimpses into my home this year.  I know I enjoyed sharing it all with you!

Treasure the rest of the Twelve Days!  Merry Christmas!

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