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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She's a Grand Old Dame

At my job, I walk where Presidents and Governors and statesmen and all manners of people from Georgia, some famous, some not so much, have walked.  I love this building.  I think of it as a grand old dame, grand enough for the National Register of Historic Places and to be a National Historic Landmark.  She is a refined, aging lady and is one hundred and twenty-one years old,  having been completed in 1889.  Old enough to have a long and colorful history, she is yet relevant enough that history is still being made within her four walls.

She is beautiful with columns throughout and floors made of marble from Pickens County, Georgia.  (Marble is still produced there to this day.)  Old oak paneling still graces the offices and rooms.  Elevators, lights that used a combo of gas and electricity, and central steam heat made it ahead of its time early on.  There are numerous vaults, original to the building, with walls that are three feet thick, but they no longer store documents and money, but are used for other purposes like the kitchen area in my office suite. There are two beautiful grand staircases and a three story atrium, as well as a rotunda.  The exterior of the dome is gilded with gold leaf from the North Georgia Mountains.  The grounds are a lush green grass with statues of  prominent Georgian figures, whose historical significance is remembered by only the most ardent Georgia history scholars. Upon the dome, Miss Freedom (no, not Miss Liberty, even though a replica of the Statue of Liberty stands on the grounds) sits atop the dome, her lamp of freedom in her hand.  Faithfully she sits, guiding the way and you can see her and her golden home as you drive through Atlanta on I-75/85. 

By now most of you know I am talking about the Georgia State Capitol building.  During the times that the legislature is in session, there is an energy that courses through these stone halls, and the sounds of politics, bill-making, and pressing matters literally fill the air.  But during the spring and summer months, there is a quietness that echoes and speaks of history, tradition, loyalty and service.  It is the time that I can see the Grand Old Dame for what she is and for what she stands. This is the place that I spend most of my waking day, more than at home if you don't count sleeping. Sometimes I take things for granted. It is just human nature. Our routines become monotonous and rote. So it is with my coming into this building daily. I often forget how fortunate I am to work at such a place, to be among those that have in the past or present called this Capitol part of their lives. 

Every once in a while it is nice to look at our everyday life and see how unique it can be if we just make it so.  Even the mundane can look different through a new perspective.  So here's my challenge for today: take a look around and share with me a part of your daily routine that you may have taken for granted that may be pretty inspiring or unusual or entertaining! 

Oh, and one more thing.....I invite you to come visit the Georgia State Capitol and see the Grand Old Dame for yourself!


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  1. Please, please continue to blog! I've missed your posts.

    You do work in an amazing place--I've known that ever since I found out that you work there. Your appreciation and observance of all around you there shines through this whole post. It makes me want to see the building under that magnificent gold dome.

    You do walk in history!