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Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Doors

I can't say why, in particular, but I am partial to houses with red front doors.
   According to my research, red doors symbolize different things in different cultures.  In fung shei, a red door creates an atmosphere for prosperity, and in China, doors are painted red for the New Year to invite happiness and good luck into the home.  Ireland's red doors ward off evil spirits and ghosts.  For Catholics, red church doors embody the blood of Christ and the area beyond the door is holy, thus the symbol of sanctuary, a safe haven for all.  Lutheran churches have red doors which represent Martin Luther's posting of his 95 Theses.  The red doors of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany is the site where Martin Luther forever changed the face of Christianity, thus beginning the Reformation.  In the American colonies, red doors symbolized hospitality.  There is also a tradition that a red front door means the mortgage has been paid off! 

   Red doors make me feel good.  Houses  with red doors make me want to see inside.  Who lives there, what do the owners do, how is it decorated?  I have been fortunate to own two homes with red doors... lucky in that the exterior colors of the houses look good with red doors.  Come to think of it, my first house and my current home share the common denominator of being painted gray and that makes the red front door just pop!  I wish I had a red door because my house is paid off, but alas, sadly, that is not and never has been the case.

   I hope that my red door conveys a welcome atmosphere.  I want people to feel comfortable and for guests to know that my house should be filled with laughter and fun and love.  When I wear red, it gives me a mental boost and I feel friendlier, more outgoing and less introverted.  My home should be the same.  This weekend was the perfect example.  Two daughters, one son-in-law and the Fab 5 filled the house to capacity.  Kids underfoot, playing inside and out, gave the house such energy!  There was lots of joking and a kick-back attitude.  It was the best time a mom and grandmom could have!

   I understand that all doors cannot be red doors.  Not all homes can sport a red door, nor would their owners be comfortable with a door that says, "hey, look at me!". Some people don't like the color of red, period. But maybe if there were more red doors, our world would be a little less serious and a little more fun. 

    When I die, if the exit has a door, I hope that door is red or that heaven's door is red.  It would be a clear sign to me that crossing over to the other side isn't so bad, that there is fun and comfort and sanctuary there, too. 

    Have you given much thought to what color your front door is painted and why?  Let me know what color it is or what color you wish it were!  Most of all,  I hope you find lots of red doors in your life to ward off evil spirits, invite prosperity into your world, find sanctuary or hospitality, or just because you like red!  Whatever the reason, here's to red doors!


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