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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Phantom Afternoon

I have been married to Ed for 38 years on May 18th of this year.  For the first two-thirds of our marriage, he wasn't very good at presents and surprises.  It wasn't that he didn't try, he just didn't have the knack for it. But something has changed....I don't know what was responsible for the shift....a family tragedy, the diagnosis of my RA and the physical struggle I have had over the past few years, or just his aging overall. All I can say that he is making up for lost time.  When our anniversary arrived in May of this year, he really went all out, presenting me with tickets to the final tour of Phantom of the Opera at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta. Orchestra Center, Row B. He had planned and bought these tickets all the way back in January!  Imagine how happy I was - for the tickets and for the effort.

Then imagine our disappointment when weeks later, we get a letter and an email that the last few days of performances had been canceled.  There were no comparable tickets at any earlier performance, only those in the nosebleed balcony or so far back of the house that it wouldn't have been worth it. Ah, the peaks and valleys of life. Disappointment is hard to deal with.  But sometimes there is saving grace.

Fast forward to this past Monday. Upon coming home from work, Ed opened his emails to find a message that there were 2 seats available for today's matinee.  Orchestra Center Right, Row H, Seats 60, 62. Almost as good as the original tickets and CHEAPER!  What?  Can it be?  Oh, we jumped on those tickets like sweet on sugar.

So today, on an otherwise normal, run-of-the-mill Thursday, my husband picked me up at work, headed for the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta.  And what a treat was in store for us.  I can only describe it as the most fantastic theatrical experience I have had and that includes seeing a couple of shows on Broadway. Music perfection, costumes beyond exquisite, mesmerizing and enchanting.

After the performance, we went to Einstein's to eat an early supper, beating the dinner crowd.  Tried a new martini, new sandwich, calamari with a sauce we have never had before. Leisurely and relaxed. Aaahhh......

It could not have been a more perfect afternoon with the man I love.  I love him for still making me laugh.  I love him for his surprises, however big or small.  I love him for taking care of me when I can't take care of myself.  I love him for sticking with me through thick and thin. I love him for loving me no matter what.

And for all of you, I wish you a Phantom afternoon of your own making with someone you love, whether it be a spouse, best friend, or family member.  Believe me, there is nothing better.

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  1. i love einstein's!!!! the best fried green tomatoes ever there! im glad u had a good time! im kinda upset you didn't tell me about it :-\