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Friday, July 30, 2010

Confession Friday - I "HEART" Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay screams; he yells, he throws plates, he kicks garbage cans, he belittles wannabe head chefs.  He is a food snob to the nth degree.  He rides motorcycles.  He almost had a career as a professional soccer player until injuries sidelined him.  His use of curse words is notorious and he uses them like over-seasoning his food. He sports a killer British accent.  He cooks - really, really well.  He owns restaurants, lots and lots of restaurants, award winning establishments.  His face is craggy, manly, weathered and he looks older than his 44 years of age, at least to me.  But most of all.......


Gordon Ramsay lives large.  I think the Dos Equis beer "most interesting man in the world" ads were actually modeled on Gordon Ramsay!  Even through the television screen, you can feel the energy pulsate when he enters the room.  He seems to be one of those people that has a tremendous life force.  I happened to catch him on HSN (Home Shopping Network) for the debut of his cooking items with them.  It seemed as though he could hardly tolerate hawking his wares to people he knew couldn't cook a decent meal if their lives depended on it.  The old phrase "nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs" perfectly describes his HSN debut, only Gordon Ramsay's cat personality is that of a mountain lion or panther.  I kept waiting for him to tell a caller "Bloody hell, piss off!"

He is married with 4 children.  I hope he is faithful to his wife and kids; I have no doubt he loves them, but the faithful part I'm not so sure about.  I also think that under the gruff exterior lies a generous heart.  In his  shows, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and the one that premiered Tuesday night - Master Chef, he shows his tender, giving side.  Was I the only one this week watching Hell's Kitchen that saw him get misty-eyed when he introduced the family members of the four remaining contestants who had come to visit for a short while? 

All I am saying is that even with my fear of motorcycles, Gordon Ramsay can give me a ride on the back of his anytime.  God, I love a man that can cook!

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