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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pay It Forward "Awesomeness" - She Picked ME!

I have often stated here on Late to the Party how the world of blogging is unlimited....unlimited in the many people that blog, the diversity of interests and subjects they write about, unlimited in the way you can touch people lives, people with whom you would otherwise have no contact.  I mentioned just a couple of days ago in my "pity party" post that I think I have been flaked on in another swap. Just when you think you have lost hope in the human race, along comes something that restores your belief that there are some pretty darn nice folks out there in blog land.  And Monday was one of those days.

It seems that there is a movement going around blog world called Pay It Forward.  I have seen several versions of this phenomenon and have been very intrigued by the thought.  The rules are pretty simple....if a blogger "pays it forward" to you, then you in turn "pay it forward" to someone else and then they follow suit and so on and so on.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a blog called Cozy Blanket written by Debby. Debby's Cozy Blanket blog is a hodgepodge of her life - her grandchildren and family, things that interest her, events big but mostly small, everyday life events - that she journals.  On this particular day that week, she was talking about Pay it Forward and was going to pick someone from the comments on her blog entry.  I commented and she picked ME! A few days later, I was contacted by Debby for my address. On Monday, after my pity fit on Sunday, I arrived home to find a small package waiting for me with the best little surprises!

Here are some pics of what I received:
Such cute, sweet things!

Four adorable bottle cap magnets with vintage graphics. Can't wait to put them on the fridge!

The best smelling little candle and a purse size hand sanitizer!

The cutest little notecards and a hand punched butterfly wrapped with beige twine!
A long notepad with wonderful circle graphic and a sweet little gift tag to top it all off!

Thank you, Debby!  It was so very nice for you to do this for a total stranger!  What a wonderful reminder that there are truly caring people in this world.  Debby and I have since exchanged emails and we have so very much in common.  And I have a new friend out there in BlogLand whom I will keep up with through her wonderful blog and enjoy the happenings in her life.

As for my part of Pay It Forward, look for an announcement in the next few weeks.  I am on the hunt for some small treasures to pass on so I can do a random act of kindness, too.  If any of you have any suggestions that a blogger follower might like to receive, please pass it on!  I am open for any unusual ideas.

I am truly blessed!


  1. I love this! I've been known to do a PIF or RAK myself and in some ways I think the giver is even more happy than the receiver.

  2. Absolutely! I am so excited about sending someone a little sunshine!

  3. love this idea...and you are my "sunshine"! Thanks for always being "there"! love ya!!

  4. What great gifts you received and what a cute idea. I too am on a WW journey, I have lost 23# to date and would love to lose 10 more. I just found out my WW location is going to close....bummer! I am your newest follower


  5. What a special surprise. I have never done a swap but once won a giveaway that I never received. I got an email a few months after saying she was sorry, life had been hectic and such, which was not a problem. After that I never heard from her again, that was over a year ago. You take the good with the bad and in the grand scheme of things, it's really not such a big deal. The wonderful surprises in life are so much more meaningful!
    Thank you for coming by to say hello and entering my Cottage Giveaway. I wish you luck and hope you have a terrific weekend!