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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creative moods and Swap announcement

Sorry I haven't posted in a while....a long dry spell for me.  It's not that I haven't wanted to write and blog, it's just that I have had a burst of creativity, as in making something, and most of my efforts have been going in that direction.

I am trying to start a new business, albeit small, or at the very least, make some items for my Etsy shop or for Ebay auctions.  All I know is that I want to bring in some "extra moolah" to help our finances.  My problem is I think either really BIG and I don't quite know how to start a business of that magnitude and get it up and running, etc. OR really small because I don't have the time and money (and possibly the stamina) to put in the effort.  Fear of failure is a big hindrance, I admit.  Often times, too many to count, I have thought something was cute, way cool, and that people would go nuts, but it seemed as though not everyone had my taste.  What is so frustrating is that 6 months or two years or even five or ten years later, I see the same idea I had and they are selling like hotcakes, when I could barely sell one!  I am either ahead of the curve or WAY behind it!  Such is life....at least mine.  I think this time I have a winner, but I could be deceiving myself, so I am going to put out some trial balloons and see what the tests show before I get all excited.  I will be posting more on this topic later, so stay tuned for that news!

With that obsession for creating comes a revved up interest in new crafts and ideas, as well as swaps, craft related or otherwise.  I have just signed up for a kitchen towel swap and Tote 'N Note swap.  Swaps are so much fun to join, as long as your swap partner doesn't "flake out", a term that means they don't reciprocate and you never receive the items being swapped.  I've had it happen a couple of times, but for the most part, swaps are great ways to create or buy something inexpensive for a complete stranger who wind up being long-distance friends! I've never hosted a swap, but I've often thought about it, which brings me to my big announcement.....in just a moment....

 While blog hopping the other day in my never-ending quest for new ideas, I came across this wonderful blog called This Art That Makes Me Happy and found this:

Isn't this just lovely?
 Vickie Chrisman is the owner of the blog and she makes such wonderful things.  But her blog is not just about crafting.  She gives us glimpses of her personal life, too.  I would encourage you to spend an afternoon just exploring her site.  Ah, but that's not all Vickie has to offer.  She also has her Etsy shop here.  And that is where I found this:

She sells these frames at her shop, which are quite reasonable.  I just fell in love with these two projects and so I contacted Vickie.  She was gracious enough to respond and give me permission to post these pictures of her work.  I hope you agree that these are lovely and wonderful and inspirational...which brings me back to my announcement.....

Vickie's work has inspired me enough to finally decide to host my own swap here at Late to the Party.  You would be correct if you have, by now, assumed that the swap will be an altered picture inside a pretty frame!  Let's see, what shall we call it?  Hmmmm.....How about the An Inspiration Altered Picture with Frame Swap?  Sounds like a plan to me!

Here's how it will work -  if you want to participate, leave a comment at the end of the post, just make sure I can reach you by email. Or you can email me at mickle1052@yahoo.com  with your name, mailing address, email address, your "style", like whimsical, traditional, Victorian, eclectic, shabby chic, etc., along with your favorite colors and things in nature you like....trees, birds, flowers... or anything that gives you delight and makes you happy.....you get the idea....  Each person will have one partner and I will assign each participant their partner a couple of days after the sign-up ends.  Sign up will begin Today and I will close it on May 25th.  You will create one framed piece and it should be mailed out to your partner by June 17th, which gives everyone two weeks to complete their project and get it into the mail.for delivery.  So why not come join the fun?

Let me note one thing  - please do not, let me repeat, DO NOT join if you do not intend to follow through and have a tendency to "flake out".  It's not fair to the other participants, your partner, or to me as the hostess.  I don't anticipate that happening, as I believe that most bloggers and those that follow our blogs are wonderful, well-intended people and I'm sticking to that belief, so don't let me down, okay?

So let's get to signing up ASAP! Oh, and thanks, Vickie, for letting me use your images and for inspiring me with your wonderful work!

P.S. Still looking for that 50th follower so I can give away some Ghiradelli chocolate!  Just 5 more to go!  Soon, I hope, soon.......


  1. Okay...I will be the first one to "bite". And, trust me, I am not brave enought to "flake"...you know where I live!!

  2. You are more than welcome! What a fun blog!