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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sad Tale of A Swap Flaker and a Kindle

You all know by now how much I love to swap things with ladies from other blogs. In fact,  I signed up for a Book and Chocolates swap in January.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?   Well, a swap indicates that you have a partner to send something to and they, in turn, send something to you.  In this case, it was obviously book(s) and chocolate(s).  On her information form, my partner, Amanda, requested e-books from her "wish list" on Amazon.  I bought her 2, because I like to be nice and the price was right!  She claimed them from Amazon within 30 minutes of my paying for them.  A few days later I sent her Ghirardelli chocolates.  Sent her two emails stating that I hoped she enjoyed the books and then later that the chocolates were in the mail.  I tracked the chocolates via the US Postal Service and paid for OVERNIGHT delivery so they would get there in a timely manner.  The books were purchased and claimed on January 29th.  The chocolates were delivered on February 7th.  The deadline to mail was Feb.7th so that our partners would receive their packages by Valentine's Day but I made sure to buy/mail mine to Amanda with time to spare.  All that was left for me to do was wait for the surprise coming to me from her.

But guess what?  Some surprise! My partner didn't send me my books and chocolates by the deadline! It wasn't until the swap hostess sent her 7 to 8 emails, which my partner never responded to, and then I sent her an email asking if I was ever going to get something, did she return my email saying that she had never gotten my name as her swap partner and had been meaning to contact the hostess as to this problem.  Really?  Two weeks after the swap deadline? So I sent her the information form with my personal preferences on it and then, after contacting her AGAIN, did she send word that she had finally ordered me a book.  It did come finally. And I promptly sent her an email stating that the book had arrived and I was already enjoying it and thanks and was anticipating getting the chocolates.  But, alas,  there has been no chocolate package arriving at my door, even though she assured me that they were on the way, also.   Now I have contacted her two more times and there has been no response at all.  Nothing like getting half of the swap you signed up for.

You want to know what the kicker is?  She never even had the decency to tell me thank you.  Or to say she might be a little late in sending the swap items. Or that her grandmother/dog/pet parakeet died and she forgot.  She claimed the books for her Kindle fast enough, has received MY chocolate gift to her and I really, really hope she enjoys it all.  But, I too, would like to receive the remaining item that I THOUGHT I would receive when I signed up for a swap.  I've never been flaked out on in a swap before, but I guess there's always a first time, even if it is a half-flake!

So, Amanda, you have flaked out on half the swap to me.  Nice and classy, really classy.  In return I can only tell you something that you probably won't learn in grad school.  Take it from someone who is more than twice your age:  Karma's a bitch, Amanda, Karma's a bitch.  Put that in your Kindle and read it!


  1. Oh, that's sooo crappy. Unfortunately I've had that happen a couple of times, so when I see a swap, I delete the email. Thanks, no thanks.

  2. You go girl!! Tell her what for!!!! She obviously has no class. I understand getting held up or having something go wrong but all it would have taken was a little note to let you know there was a problem and a little thank you. Sorry for your bad swap experience. I'm glad you have a blog where you can get it off your chest!! That earthquake & tsunami in Japan really puts things into perspective though, doesn't it?? Big Hugs! Stacy H-W

  3. I hate it that you were taken...but loved the email you sent to the "flaker." Yes, girl, you need to just come on and sit by me.

  4. That really stinks, Mic! I know exactly how you feel because I had it happen to me a few months ago. The hostess of the swap, unbenownst to me, sent an email to a few of the other swappers and asked if someone would be good enough to send me something since my partner flaked. Another bloggy friend actually did and I was grateful for it. I hosted a swap once myself and I had two people that turned out to be trouble. Luckily, I was able to catch that out early enough to re-partner people.