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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Owling Update Alert!

Yesterday I brought to your attention the activity of "owling" and gave you my word that I would be ever vigilant in keeping you posted on the latest crazy trend people around the world are doing to amuse themselves and friends.  (Go here if you want to see what "planking", "owling" and "cone-ing" are all about and have a laugh or two!)

True to my word, I want to share with you what I discovered late yesterday.  Keep in mind that this hasn't gone viral - yet - and for once I may be ahead of the curve.  Imagine that! It seems that "owling" is so....so....Last Week.  And geeky - not my words, but according to some young people. A new alternative craze is beginning to take its place. Better get in on it before it, too, becomes obsolete, which could be about 24 hours or 2 months.  With these things, you never know.  So without further ado, I bring you....


There is even a FaceBook page that you can "like".  You can see the above pictures in a larger format if you really, really must.

All this begs the question:  What bird would YOU like to pose as and post? Or any other animal.  Name one and start your own fad!  Comments are welcome, requested in fact, because I want to see what clever internet trend we can start and give these crazy kids a run for their money!  Make it fun, make it unique, make it zany and maybe there will be a giveaway involved!  Let's go for it!

And, as always, I will be forever vigilant to whatever wild and crazy things are going on out there in this great big world....... Stay tuned!  Happy Storking!

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