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After losing 112 pounds in almost a year and a half, I have come to realize how very much I was missing. I may be Late to the Party, but I am doing my best to catch up in my own unique way!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Muse Awakens

It has been a while since I posted....anything....6 months to be precise.  The Muse has lain dormant. Much has happened in 6 months. When I am consumed by another calling, another Muse, all else is pushed aside. 

Since I last composed anything for Late to the Party, I have celebrated Christmas and New Year's.  I have survived another legislative session at the Georgia House of Representatives.  I have planned and produced my 40th wedding vow renewal and celebration, a grand success in May.  I have gained weight, lost weight and gained it again. I have sworn to pick up the exercise gauntlet again, only to fail miserably.  So publicly, I promise to start walking once more...now it's offficial and you all can hold me accountable and to my word,

I have worked like a dog on my Etsy shop, The Celtic Heart, and watched two daughters get new jobs and another daughter lose one, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.... losing a job, that is.  She has been given the opportunity to spread her wings even more, shall we say, and that is always a wonderful thing. 

I have become obsessed with Celtic lore and history, an off shoot of planning my vow renewal party which was at an Irish pub and the ceremony incorporated Celtic symbols and traditions.  My Irish roots are calling me.

I have seen a dear nephew just on the beginning cusp of an addiction recovery to a full-blown sober life.  You can read the latest in his journey here on  http://erindrello.blogspot.com/2012/06/vacation.html.  And if you have followed me at all, you know I love stories of epiphanies.  Congrats, Erin, wonderfully done.

Ed continues to take care of me when I need it and sometimes when I don'g and love me through it all.  He turns 62 next week and combined with 40 years of marriage to this man, I ponder to where all the years have flown off  and how can we actually be discussing which year in the near future to start drawing Social Security. WTH?

The Fab 5 grands have had birthdays and milestones to count; they are, after all, growing up despite my protests.

We have taken another yearly trip to Hilton Head Island, albeit a very short one this time.  I can tell the South Carolina kids are growing up.  Only the youngest one, Cale, took us up on any bribes to learn new things in the pool.  We got away with only having to shell out $7 to him only.  His big sister Erin was too busy with the other teens at the pool and Walker said he had learned enough swimming.  Sad but true, they are learning independence. 

Erin, our oldest Fab, is on her way to SCarolina's Governor's School for the Arts for an intensive 5 week summer ballet training.  Can't wait to see what she has learned at the performance at the end of the summer

The remaining two of the Fab 5 have had their ups and downs.  Carson's biggest challenge is reading...no, that's not right... learning to LIKE reading.  And fight his fear of timed tests.  Olivia, who used to never read, has discovered books, particularly The Hunger Games series and animal books.  Her goal is to read all of James Herriot's series All Thing Bright and Beautiful. Olivia has just returned from a Young Woman's church camp.  As I write, they are at First Tee day camp learning the nuances of golf. 

The future holds bright and promising things.  A big trip in the fall.  More Etsy business opportunities.  An upcoming week at the SCarolina daughter's house with no men, filled with creativity and fun. working on Etsy items....maybe.

The need to write has returned.  Funny how the Muse works.

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  1. Great to see you here:). Sounds like you have been mighty busy! My granddaughter is reading The Hunger Games and says it is a great book:). Have a blessed day:). Hugs