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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have You Etsy-ed Today?

Have you Etsy-ed today?

There was no Confession Friday this week, although Lord knows I have enough to confess.  However, Friday I teleworked, then late Friday evening I decided to start decorating for Christmas.  Many of you know that when I decorate for the holidays, I DECORATE for the holidays.  It will take me almost a week to get it all done.  Thank goodness that Oliva, one of the Fab 5,  was here to help.  She worked her heart out for me and that is not an easy task.  But she owed me for taking her out of school at lunchtime for an early Friday surprise.

 Back to the subject at hand, I was busy on an entirely different level yesterday  and today on top of everything else that was going on. The reason?  I am a shop owner!  There are no bricks or mortar, no huge inventory, no employees, no parking lot, no building, so you cannot physically come to my store.  But there is this marvelous invention called the internet and yesterday I became the owner of my very own Etsy shop!

  The Flyboy's Baby, Purveyor of Vintage Items and Things That Look Old
First to the name of my shop. My dad was a pilot in WWII and he loved to fly.  Before he left the Army Air Corp, which was the beginning of the Air Force, he carried a pilot's license to fly any plane in the AAC.  Keep in mind, this was before jets.  And my dad loved old things.  So I am the Flyboy's baby, literally AND figuratively.

So now, what is ETSY?  Well, according to Wikipedia, Etsy is, and I quote:
" a social commerce website" focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. These items cover a wide range including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles, bath & beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks and toys. Many individuals also sell craft supplies like beads, wire, jewelry making tools and much more. The vintage items on the site have only one rule to follow: they must be 20 years or older. These items range from old boots and ice skates, to dresses, hats and scarves. The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods for a fee of $0.20. It has been compared to "a crafty cross between Amazon and eBay", and to "your grandma's basement".

So last night I opened my shop with items that I have procured from all sorts of sources, yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.  I will be adding some handmade items, as well.  So come take a gander at what I have so far! Just click on the link provided above beside my dad's picture.  And come back often as I am always finding new things to list and sell.  And if there should be something you want to buy, just let me know!

But wait!  There's more! This is a two-fold announcement!  I have a VERY talented friend, Sonya, who also opened HER own shop on Etsy in October! She does beautiful work!  I encourage you to visit her site at Etsy, too! Her cards and tags are to die for!  Just click here and you can see for yourself.

While you're at Etsy, explore and see all the wide range of items so many talented people are creating and selling.  Who knew so long ago what the internet would do for us?

It is 1:15 in the morning and have a lot more to do before I go to bed.  There are so many ideas I want to create or try out and the house needs more Christmas.  I just wanted to share my excitement over my new venture, as well as Sonya's.   Good night and Happy Etsy-ing!

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  1. After posting on the ornament exchange below, I had to leave another comment here....was reading thru your blog, and I am 58, too...and my birthday is Oct 13th (so you are a bit older then me...LOL), hope you post some pics of your Xmas decorating...would love to see it....well gotta get off, last day of Christmas show....yeah!!