"Any arbitrary turn along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different." ~ Frances Mayes

After losing 112 pounds in almost a year and a half, I have come to realize how very much I was missing. I may be Late to the Party, but I am doing my best to catch up in my own unique way!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sharing Fall

I love swaps!  Recently I requested to join a fall swap that was being hosted by Karen at Some Days Are Diamonds, which is a lovely blog and I encourage each of you to visit and see for yourselves.  Karen was my swap partner and a wonderful partner she was!  The idea of the swap was to take a cigar box, any kind, any size, alter or decorate in a fall theme and put as many fall goodies into it as it could hold.  Oh, what fun it was to plan, decorate and fill that cigar box for Karen.  Last week I received my box from Karen.  What a delight to unwrap and explore what was in it.  Let me share what she sent me! This is the top of the box.  Isn't it lovely? 
 Upon opening the box, this lay inside, just waiting to be revealed. There was a small pile of ephemera bound by a black tulle bow with the cutest vintage owl pin EVER!  Can't wait to wear it!  There were old stamps, a vintage playing card, fall K& Company stickers.
  Then there were two antique wooden clothespins with ribbon wrapped around them, as well as an old wooden thread spool with more ribbon and a dainty little nosegay tucked into it.  A wooden tile with my initial stamped upon it, as well as a metal rim tag initialized, too.

 Aah...but the loveliest thing is this:  A wonderful wall hanging! It was lying on top of the cigar box and took my breath away when I spied it.  Upon further inspection, the background is a vintage piece of sheet music, "Don't Let That Moon Get Away", sung by Bing Crosby.  I love Bing Crosby and his old movies!  And I had just done a blog entry about the Harvest Moon and the Fall Equinox.  There is a vintage electrical socket plate, vintage ribbons, Scrabble tiles, lace, an old movie ticket, all combined so beautifully.  It now hangs where I can see it and will become a treasured part of my fall decorations.

So now you have a glimpse of why I love to participate in swaps.  Not only do I have the opportunity to create something to reflect my personality for someone who lives in a different part of the country, but it delivers wonderful surprises in return.  But, as I have stated before, the very best part is making friends with other creative, imaginative women who may live very far away, but who have so much in common with me.  Making new friends is my favorite part!

So thank you, Karen, for letting me be a part of the swap and for such a wonderful gift.  I will treasure it and your friendship for a long, long time.


  1. What a great swap box Love the wall hanging

  2. That wall hanging is fabulous.. Karen always makes such nice things!!

  3. What lovely things you received! I love the wall hanging! So creative and unique!! What fun!! Hugs!

  4. Pam -
    The pleasure was all mine . . . I had a wonderful time.
    I am going to treasure our new found friendship.
    BIG hugs my friend!

  5. That is so cute! I have to say this is my first time visiting your blog, and I LOVE your banner at the top...it made me chuckle this morning!

  6. What a wonderful box filled with such treasures. This swap has been fun and I am enjoying each post I read and love the pictures of the creative boxes. I enjoyed my visit with you today.