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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Confession Friday - Me and Mustached Men

Today's confession:   I am fascinated by men with mustaches. Not the little bitty soul patch of hair just under the nostrils look, but full mustaches that go all the way across.  Some men look really good in mustaches; most men don't.   Mustached men, for the most part, usually have a funny sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously.  There are exceptions to this rule - the best example being Hitler.  If ever there was a man that didn't need to be sporting a mustache, he would be it.  That ugly little patch of hair on his upper lip should have told the German people all they needed to know about what was inside that brain of his.  Would he have almost taken over the world and killed 12 million people if, at some point in his life, some friend or girlfriend had pulled him aside and told him how ridiculous he looked and to lose the mustache?  I think not, but I digress. 

Groucho Marx is my favorite famous mustached man.  His odd-ball sense of humor was beyond comparison.  I offer this video clip from the movie Night at the Opera to prove my point:


I can remember as a young child watching You Bet Your Life on our grainy black and white television.  I recall my father laughing but I couldn't figure out what was so funny.  It wasn't until later in young adulthood that I found out how absolutely, fantastically bawdy Groucho was.  Even later, I introduced myself to the Marx Brothers movies.  What glorious mayhem and glib dialoque!  They could never stick to the script and ad-libbed lines and jokes, much to the hair-pulling frustration of their movies' directors.  If you have never watched a Marx Brothers movie, treat yourself some rainy Sunday afternoon.  The two best are Duck Soup and Night at the Opera.  The dialogue is quick, some of the scenes are slap-stick and you have to listen closely to Groucho's rapid-fire quips, but it is so totally worth it.

As for not so famous mustached men, I have one in particular in my life that makes me laugh almost daily and has for 38 years.  I have always heard that a sense of humor is the best key to a long relationship - more than money or anything else.  It is why I enjoy spending time with him and why he has my heart to this day.  Of course, it is my husband Ed that I am referring to and he reminds me of Groucho in more ways than one.  Just to clarify, he wasn't wearing a mustache when I met him at age 21.  I can't remember at what age he grew it, but I can't imagine his face without it. 
They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Recently, the boys of the Fab 5 surprised Ed when an afternoon of face painting at our house turned into this, thanks to Olivia, our artist.  My men and their mustaches!

And then there was the Christmas a few years ago when we surprised Ed with this:

The family that wears mustaches together must have a pretty good time together. 

All I can say is that the world looks a whole lot different when you're sporting a Groucho mustache and glasses.  Try some on sometime, just for fun, at a party, family reunion, out to dinner, most especially in public, and see what fun sporting a mustache can be!  Rest assured, there will be laughter and what more could a person want on any given day.

That's it for Confession Friday for today.  I am going to go and wax my upper lip.  I'm beginning to look too much like Groucho for comfort!  One mustache in a marriage is enough!

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